U20 Mayors Summit

On 2 October, the U20 Mayors Summit, the annual highlight for the international community of urban leaders, presented a 27-point consensus-built Communiqué to the G20 following nine months of seminal research and analysis into rebuilding cities in a more sustainable, inclusive and naturally diverse way in a post-pandemic world to achieve equitable, carbon-neutral, inclusive and healthy societies.U20 Chair and President of the Royal Commission for Riyadh City, His Excellency Fahd Al-Rasheed said, “I feel immensely proud of the progress we have made as the U20. Together, we have brought together 42 cities and 30 knowledge partners we have formed agile and responsive task and workforces which have authored in-depth and rigorous academic research to help us look at our cities with new eyes.”

Second U20 Sherpa Meeting

The cities of Riyadh and Houston virtually hosted the second U20 meeting of 2020 in July. The U20 mayors’ representatives – known as Sherpas –gathered to examine key policy recommendations and new content developed by three new multinational expert taskforces. The Second Sherpa Meeting provided an opportunity to present the outcomes of the U20 taskforces, namely the 15 white papers and their key policy recommendations. A summary of the scope and expected outcomes of the Special Working Group on COVID-19 was presented by the co-chairing cities of Buenos Aires, New York, and Rome. The Second Sherpa Meeting provided a platform for the U20 cities to provide feedback on the draft Communiqué.

First U20 Sherpa Meeting

Representatives of city leaders from around the world met in Riyadh on 5th–6th February to discuss priority topics that will lay the foundation for the U20 2020 Mayors Summit later this year. The First Sherpa Meeting brought together Sherpas and delegates and also featured a number of informal side meetings between officials. In addition to forging consensus on the U20 priorities topics, the event was the platform for highlighting the progress of the initiative since its handover to Riyadh, interactions with the G20 engagement groups and working groups, and for launching the U20 taskforces .
2018 - 2019

Past U20 Mayors Summits

The second U20 Mayors Summit, held in 2019, was hosted by Tokyo. In 2018 the first official U20 Mayors Summit was hosted in Buenos Aires.